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  1. A few years back a thread was started on another forum with the stated goal of putting as many wallet reviews as possible in one place. It was our hope that people shopping for wallets would not have to search through hundreds of different threads on every single wallet that caught their eye, but that they could just brows through one thread to learn the pros and cons of all of the main wallets on the market. I recently got permission from many of the authors on that thread to consolidate those reviews on the website. So if you are in the market for a new wallet check it out!

  2. This is a cool review, I've been looking for a good wallet for Kolossal Killer or Heirloom. It would be cool to see some good wallets you can get at normal stores as well :)
  3. The recommendations for Heirloom/kollossal Killer would be either the Infinity Wallet(that is what I use for Heirloom) or the Stealth Assassin. If the only feature you need is the indexing system for KK/HL effect then just get the Heirloom Wallet. Though I , nor any of the other reviewers have reviewed that one directly, I have seen it. Instead on an 8 pocket index you get a full 16 pocket. I'm not sure how important that distinction is. For me it is easy enough to put two photos in a pocket and grab either the one in front or the one in the back.

    One detail to mention-I'm sure the SAW can be used for HL but not positive about KK. From reading Yano's review he mentions that the index is good for smaller size "Billets" but perhaps not quite large enough for a playing card. I'll ask him or Akirafist directly and clear that up.
  4. Hey Erik, just one quick question with the peek's on the F1 Nitro is one of them the SUC peek, and can it be used for pocket writing to load a business card into a sealed compartment.

  5. I'm checking into this right now. My 1/2 of that review was from the original F1...not the new Nitro. The original peek would essentially be the same type of peek you would use with a Mullica style gaff. So you could use it for a nail writer. I am unaware if using a Mullica for a peek is anything like the SUC. I have personally yet to use a wallet with an SUC feature. A couple of the reviewers have used the SUC so I have asked them your question and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

  6. Okay I got the info on the new and improved Nitro. The F1 Nitro has the same peek that is on the Infinity. I don't remember the exact name of that peek but it cannot be used with a nail writer and you will need to open the wallet again to get the peek. You can use the CTW feature as a peek as well. This could be used with a nail writer and it could be used with the wallet closed but it is not as angle friendly as the specifically designed peek. So all and all the F1 Nitro has all the same features of the Infinity Wallet but it uses the F1 CTW feature instead of the "Real Man's" CTW.

    Still waiting on the answer about using a SAW with Kolossal Killer.
  7. Jardonnet Wallet

    I believe the Jardonnet fire wallet is improved from years past it now has a peek feature, and mounted pads. It's a solid worker I have been a fan for 15 years. I'm sure others will 2nd it.... Buy from him direct

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