Guitar Levitation?

Dec 13, 2007
North Hollywood
Well I am a Musician, and I play on stage quite a lot.
and I was wondering if there is anything like a Guitar levitation i could preform after a solo or so. If not thanks for the help anyways, you guys rock.
Oct 21, 2007
I've been thinking of the same effect lately because I went to Gigantiour last Friday and I thought about how awesome. it would be for Dave Mustain to levitate his guitar after a solo lol


theory11 moderator
You could probably make an adaption of the 'up in the air' lev. I think it's Davenport's that used make it. But obviously instead of a woman you could levitate a guitar.

It would most likely be much easier to sort a guitar as they are lighter than small women :p

Oct 11, 2007
I've been thinking about that as well, why don't you just use some kind of an Asrah method, except have it self-contained.
Feb 28, 2008
I think it would be cool to do it so that it looked like a humming card spinning really fast... but is probably just a pipe dream.

You might have to use an ibanez for weight issues as Gibsons are like twice as heavy
Mar 25, 2008
This is totally do-able.
And has been done.
I've seen it done similar to the davenport levitation. With a hoop and some good acting it's pretty good.
I've seen it done with a spirit cloth (the kind that uses the fake h***), then transitioned into an asrah type levitation and vanish.
Jim Stafford has a completely impromptu guitar levitation/suspension/flourish thing that is really cool. Is it possible to flourish a guitar? Jim walks around his guitar, 360, without it moving suspended in air. He only touches it with his finger tips. Crazy cool.

Jim also does a smashed and restored guitar. He's the most magical non-magician I've ever seen.
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