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  1. Gumball Magi-chine - By Buzz Lawrence & Nexus Magic Productions​


    This is no ordinary Gumball machine. This particular machine was chosen for this effect because it is a commercially made product; it is the very same machine used by thousands of vending machine companies throughout the United States. Which makes it highly recognizable by kids, and adults as the standard modern day gumball machine.

    The difference is that Buzz has refined, and specially engineered this with the highest quality and standards in mind. Endless routines and different possibilities can be injected into this concept. And lets face it this is whimsical enough to decorate your home in between shows.

    Magician borrows finger ring or small valuable object from a spectator and vanishes it utilizing one of several taught methods. The Magician can then produce a Quarter or ask the spectator for one depending on your comic direction, and routine. After a bit you then instruct the spectator to insert the quarter into the gumball magi-chine. The magician can have the Magi-chine dispense the spectators valuable on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time. Again depending on how you design your routine.
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  2. Cool plot , but it looks so heavily gimmicked . Just my opinion :D
  3. I have one of these from Buzz, and you couldn't be more wrong. Piece of cake to use and it works everytime! You won't be disappointed in this gumball machine...I wasn't!
  4. I have seen this, and I can tell you that it is actually a REAL gumball machine, and kids OR adluts will know it is real, because it is! Kids are familiar with real gumball machines and will see this as just that. There is a cleverly added unseen "something" that makes this work perfectly every time for your magic routine.
  5. Hello!

    I recently purchased this and I must agree with the above posts. It's the exact same kind of machine you see at the stores. The gimmick is made to last and it is sooo simple to use. I love that it can be used to dispense capsules without the ring first then they get there ring! You can also set this so they get the ring the very first time. Once again, very well made gimmick using a real gumball machine. Not to mention super customer service. This will go straight into my show. The best part is there's basically no practice needed! Well done. :)
  6. This is an okay effect but highly predictable and definitely not for that price. I've seen three for sale at our IBM magic auction we host every single year and the most they brought was $150 a piece. Steven Bargatze does a funny routine with his on stage.
  7. A Worker

    Very solidly built because it is real. The gimmick is solid too and easy to use. Plus you can remove it if you like and with a minor modification you can have a perfectly normal machine. I have tried it several times now and it is reliable and sturdy.

    The effect has been through a hundred iterations, but it is always a crowd pleaser. Nice piece to add to your show.

    Buzz is great to work with too, so cannot see a reason to hold back if you have been considering adding this to your show.
  8. For those looking for an alternative method, I believe Michael Weber published an improvisational effect with a similar plot in his book, Lifesavers. It doesn't call for a gimmicked gumball machine and can actually be performed with any machine in any storefront. Worth checking out.


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