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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeff Fitzgerald, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hahaha. At the bottom of the forums page it says "(c) 2007 to infinity theory11"
    Sorry about the randomness of this thread, I just thought it was funny.
  2. I'm sorry but I just dont get it?

  3. Usually they copyrights on the bottom of websites say the first year it was made to the present year. Like 2007-2008 for example. I thought it funny that Theory 11 said "to infinity" rather to "-2008."
  4. haha that is pretty funny. Thanks for bringing that up.

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    (c) 2007 to infinity theory11
  5. Have you guys read the warning about copying DVDs on the T11 DVDs.

    If you haven't, it basically breaks down about having in inventing a certain type of flavor for ice pops. I think it said it was like crab and watermelon or something. Then it goes into the whole like "Now imagine that I had a Flavor Cloning device and I cloned your flavor. How would you feel?" The first time I read that, I think i peed myself.

    Definitely one of the better reasons they invented the pause button.

  6. Theory 11's copyright warnings on the start of their videos are classic, hopefully Control will have a new one. ;)
  7. You just made me break out my Panic and Witness DVDs. Thanks for wasting my time. :) I'm gonna go try this out :D

  8. With the recent Writers Guild of America strike, we can only hope that the Control DVD will continue the precedent of downright hilarious jokes, puns, and credits omnipresent within previous theory11 DVDs. ;)


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