Half vanish performance

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by lance_amini, May 22, 2009.

  1. Very nice effect. I think the vanish itself could've been performed a little slower. The beauty of the vanish is the slow 'sawing' of the hand as it disappears. Other than that it was great.
  2. Why the hell is this in the coin magic section?
  3. yeah i like it but it kinda has nothing to do with coins
  4. ops damn sorry i messed up things :(
  5. Very nice! I liked both the vanish and the steal you did!
  6. Technically and method wise it was awesome, but patter needs some serious work.
    For example... You vanished it, then said that it jumps from the deck to the table. No it doesn't! It vanishes, and reappears on the table.
  7. No need to yell :rolleyes:


    EDIT: Now that i've watched it, I'll just say that the patter line "Now it will jump..." doesn't fit the performance. If the card was about to jump, then you should pause, do a magic gesture - so that the card actually has a 'jump' moment.

    As the performance is now - perhaps you should say "It has vanished! No. In fact, it has travelled to the table, in between the kings..."

    EDIT EDIT: Like Tumbly said.

    EDIT EDIT EDIT: I meant The Tumbly.
  8. well yea i know i have talking problem since i never could talk nice i mean never hard things to say while performaing :( isn't ther any DVD or things like that so i learn from them >?
  9. You have the moves!

    Now, be free to amaze other people than magicians with this.

    There was (and I think still is) a thread on people performing for a live audience and filming it.

    Performing in a bedroom, living room or where ever is good...until you realise that when you do this for real people that you've never performed it 'live' before.

    When I have my video's recorded (I only have 2) I just go into my college, or just wander round and when I spot a mark, I introduce myself and ask someone to film me on their phone. easy and simple, and it gets you out there a bit better.

    Hope that this doesn't sound too harsh. The trick is good, but the reactions you recieve from people just makes it better.

    If you re-do this video in front of a live audience, it will be so much better!

    Hope this helps,

  10. You really like caps lock.
  11. i liked it, but is the cut after the vanish necassary? yes, the card vanished, so is the extra flourish justified?
    ive only seen D+M's performance once from a friend, so i cant remember if he cuts it or not.
    If im wrong feel free to correct me, it was just a thought I had.
    Other than that I really enjoyed it

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