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  2. Haha! good stuff!

    "He shot it with an invisible gun!"

    Nice performance.

    edit: what was that number trick you performed on your teacher. it looks really cool.
  3. Thanks, it was a dMadison trick called 212215, on Identity. I did the reverse, 1854. If you get it you'll understand, that's really all I can say.
  4. nice job man.
  5. All I can say is thank you....for actually performing to real people. Anyhow it was great thanks for sharing!

    Shane B.
  6. Awesome! Great reactions. So how often do you get asked to do a trick at school? I am a middle school teacher, and I probably get asked once a day to do a trick. It is good practice and my students are a very receptive audience.
  7. Thanks a lot! I mostly get asked to show a trick by people I know (just about every day), but often also by people I don't know while doing flourishes in the halls at lunch.
  8. Nice, man. I love the reactions!

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