Halloween Magic

I know Halloween is still about a month away, but I like to plan ahead. I'd just like to compile a list of ideas for magic that could be done for Halloween.

The method for presenting magic I'm trying to use is standing at the door, handing out candy. Seems like it's worth a shot.

Feel free to add to this list, whether walk-around or at door, or other. I'd also like to use ideas that involve individual products, but just talking about a move would also work.

- Tattoe Joe: Disappear a piece of candy and make it appear on your arm.
- eXile: No idea if this would work, but maybe replace the coin with a piece of candy.
- Technique: Not sure if this would work either, but maybe replace the numbers with types of candy... and then tell them what they wrote down.
- TnR: Not sure if this would EITHER! Maybe change the card at the end into a scary, halloweenish picture card.

Anybody else?
Dec 1, 2007
Halloween Trick idea

At the party I went to last year, I got good reactions from David Kong's 'Mercury', changing the four kings from the Ghost deck to the four 'dead' kings from the Ghost gaff deck.
Sorry about the bump, but I've been hearing a lot of used ideas from people: Haunted deck, stigmata, saw, etc. All are good tricks, but I'd like some ideas on new material.

The ones I've listed are more recent tricks, as I see it. Any more ideas, with this new filter?

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