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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kendonaga, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. I, as I'm sure quite a few others are going to be doing, am performing a show on Halloween night. And would love to snap up the oppertunity to use some themed effects. Not totally themed, so far I've decided I'm going to use SAW and Stigmata.

    But I need a few more! Any ideas?
    I was wondering in particular if anyone has any ideas with seance style effects and putting a couple into a rountine.
  2. A couple in a routine? Take a look at Anniversary Waltz
  3. Look at a few of Sean Fields other items. 1337 Notes, SICK.
    Dan Sperry has a few spooky effects on his site like worms and his new Razor Swallowing routine:D

  4. I suggest you get Helter Shelter Bizzaro's product, its a dvd or booklet on every classic method of the razor blade trick. Furthermore there is a linking razor blades trick on there that is pretty awesome. May I also suggest needle through arm, oh and I will direct you through pm you another little I hate to use the word “underground” site.

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