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  1. Hey guys, i know Halloween is coming up and i know i am gonna freak some people out with some dark and scary magic. any of you gonna do some magic tricks on some passing people trying to get candy on halloween? Stigmata? saw? ashes on arm?



    Happy Haloween!
  2. As im am typing this it is 3 days 8 hours 3 minutes and 20 seconds until halloween.:p
  3. d+M's Memento?
  4. I've got a super-grotesque effect for this Halloween.. in fact, a video of it is uploading to Youtube as I type... should be up any minute now and I'll post it!
  5. Thanks Micheal! that is sick! i love it! definatly get the children with that! they will faint!

    See you at the Browsers den!

  6. Thank you, glad you like it! :)
  7. Im messing with Stigmata's number prediction all night long ;)
  8. Every year on halloween I help out my grandfather with his haunted yard display. This year, when I am not scaring people, I will be producing cards with skulls on them as well as throwing flash paper at unsuspecting people.

    For anyone interested, head drops, stigmata, SAW, Coin through arm ( Criss angel Style), Fire, paper clip through arm, knife through arm, Devils nail, Control, Ghost Vision, Wounded, and that trick on E with the arm spinning around.

    Those are all fun scary magic tricks for halloween. I just thought I might share those with all of you.

    Dylan P.
  9. Thats awesome.

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