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  1. Ok i know i alreay made a thread similar to this but i felt it was still relevant i would like to throw another variable into the eqaution: magic.

    Ok as said in the previous thread, does hand condition actually matter when flourishing? should it matter? HSould we adapt so we can handle decks in any conditions? (save arctic and like in a cup of tea).

    It does irratate me when people ask em to show them something and i say no because i am fearful my perfomance won't be nearly as good as it could be when my hands are in "silk state" SS for short.

    And can the answers to the above questions be matched to when performing card MAGIC?

    Do sleights require more handling SS?
    Or do flourishes?



    p.s. this is also on Decknique if anyone wanted to know.
    p.s.2 (not the console mind) What do the "pro's" have to say aswell, as in Daniel Madison, Dan and Dave Buck Wayne Houchin, Lee Asher. ect ect, they are the guys who i would be particualrly interested in hearing on this subject.

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