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  1. I've been pondering this question ever since i learned this trick from the trilogy. The question is: when performing hand to mouth do you think that it is better to direct the spectators attention to the card sticking out of your mouth? Or is it better to just let them look up and see it?

    I my experience I've found that after they push the card flush and i square the cards up if i do to much flourishing or cuts (my original idea was to just flourish until they looked up). I have had super reactions with just squaring the cards and snapping my fingers and showing empty hands, then pointing up at the card. So my opinion is that if you draw their attention to the card sooner rather then later it makes for a much stronger bit of magic.

    Feel free to share any experience that you have with this effect.

  2. I usually give them a second or two to watch my hands, at that point they're waiting for the trick to happen. Then I just drop the deck to my side and look them in the eye, this gets them to stop focusing on the deck and look at me. This is probably my favorite trick to do because it floors everyone. Just a subtle 'watch my hands very closely' and it's all the misdirection you need. I get all giddy just thinking about how beautiful this trick is. In my opinion it is the best and most practical trick in the Trilogy.
  3. I have them push it flush and then wave my hand over the deck, I turn the top card over and of course its not their card, I try again, and fail again. After a few fancy cuts :D I snap and point to my mouth. After they see the card it takes a while to register for them, but then it hits them like a brick wall and they are like "What the...? How did you do that?"

    So it all depends on your preference on how you want to present it, Im sure it gets good reactions no matter how you present it unless you just totally bomb it which is almost impossible. I agree with JJM10 on how its the best trick on the Trilogy.
  4. I use something like this in my ACR. I say "If we push your card into the center..."*load the card* then I'll just wait. the spectator will look up on their own (read Blink, it explains why very well. Also it's awesome). If an awkward amount of time passes I'd direct their attention up though. I think it's better if they spend a while looking at the hands though, it means they are convinced the card is in the deck (why shouldn't they be?) and therefore becomes all the more amazing when it 'appears' at your lips.

    All around though it never fails to get a good reaction.
  5. what i like to do is a really fancy flush then snap and tap the deck then point up to your mouth
  6. yeah, don't flouish unitl they look up, because they're not going to look up because the flouishing is getting in the way of them looking up, also, I think it is good to pause and gesture to your mouth after a few flouishes, because I think it gives a little more of a magical moment, but don't over do it with the flouishing. i believe that in "the art of MAGIC" flourishes should be done very little, and suttly to show elegance. :)
  7. I have them push it into the deck. snap, square up the pack and look up

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