Hands Off

Sep 1, 2010
i've got it

it's a pretty good effect, im not sure if ill use it. it kind of depends one what you like or not. if you don't mind gimmicks or you like using them and constructing them. go ahead, you will love it. if you like quick and easy gimmicks it may not be good for you. but it really depends. if i get the chance i will try it.

the materials you need are very simple, you need to buy one simple thing (prob wont find in home) but it wont be hard finding it everthing else will be in your home or magic shop. the method is clever. happends right under the spectators noses. i love the whole concept of it.. you cannot flash at all, it's just 1 little sneaky move. you can choose if you want a stacked deck or not. if not you'll have to do a minor set up which takes like 5 seconds.

i say look into more reviews instead of trusting mine because everyone is different :) hoped that helped!
Mar 21, 2010
The need of 2 decks seems to push me away from this but, as great as it seems, I'm a little on the fence about this one.
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