Happy Birthday theory11!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Justin.Morris, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Just wanted to shout out a big Happy 8th birthday to the Theory 11 team. I've always been impressed with the integrity and professional manner that you operate with. Here's to another year of impacting the industry and art of Magic. :)
  2. Seconded.
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  4. Happy birthday! The only gig in town where they have a birthday and GIVE presents!
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  5. Happy birthday, Theory 11!
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  6. Happy birthday to the theory11 team & community.

    I got started in magic in 2006, so I got a small sense of what the standards were like for most magic websites and shops before this place came along and raised the bar from every possible perspective. Not only has this company been a wonderful, consistent resource, but the level of quality has spread across the entire industry as a direct result, in my humble opinion.

    Coming across a cheesy product with little or no value in it has become a lot less common in the past decade. I hope this trend continues so that we can keep doing what matters the most; crafting stronger performers, generating new ideas, improving existing ideas, and inspiring wonder.
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