Happy Birthday to Chris Kenner!

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  1. There are many people involved in this crazy family we call theory11. There are the artists. There is the team. Our moderators. And of course, our members. Without each part, this machine wouldn't run as smoothly as it has over the past three years. Since before this website was even a website, Chris Kenner has been (and continues to be) an essential part of making that happen.

    A creative visionary and - I would argue - the hardest working man in this industry. Please join me in wishing Chris Kenner a very happy birthday!
  2. Happy birthday Chris Kenner
  3. Happy Birthday Chris
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. Happy Birthday, Chris :D
  6. Feliz Cumpleaños
  7. Happy Birthday Chris!
  8. happy birthday chris :)
  9. Happy Birthday Chris Kenner!
  10. A very merry unbirthday to you.
  11. Happy birthday Mr Kenner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  12. Happy Birthday, Chris!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday Chris. May you enjoy it with the family and try to relax a little. Good luck with any up and coming projects be it with David, Theory 11 or for yourself.
  14. happy birthday Chris, I love you.
  15. Happy birthday Chris!

  16. Happy Birthday Chris!! but be careful age is a slippery slope. First you forget names; then you forget faces; then you forget to zip up your fly; and then you forget to unzip your fly. But worst of all, your forget to 3fly
  17. What better present could there be than the attached image! This morning, thanks to a mountain of work and wizardry on the part of our lead developer Richard Zadorozny, we submitted the new version of Rising Card to Apple for approval. Pending their thumbs up, the NEW version of Rising Card will be released shortly!

  18. Happy Birthday Chris Kenner! May your wishes come true!
    Oh, and I am really excited for the new rising card app, I use the app all the time and always get great reactions.
  19. Happy Birthday Chris! :D
  20. As others have said
    Happy Birthday!!

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