Happy birthday to me...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phenomena, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. lala...yes i am now officially world wide, an old fart
    i have turned 21 today..
    and what a better day than to walk off to work in a fresh 1.5 feet of snow lol
  2. happy birthday, have some snow on me
  3. happy birthday, lol in aus we get no snow :(
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    Indeed happy birthday. Here in Mexico snow is as common as a tornado (that is 0 in me lifetime), so, even if it's a bit too much, enjoy it for me.
  5. Happy birthday!

    21, eh? Nice. Go and buy a drink to relax when you get off of work.

    Shane K.
  6. happy birthday
  7. Happy birthday...

    We have about 4 feet of snow here... I win.

  8. Happy birthday, my fellow theory11 forum user.
  9. SNOW??!?!?

    man i live way up north in Norway where its supposed to be freaking cold, but its +9 degrees celsius and no snow! DAMN IT
  10. Happy Birthday bro! Hope it's an unforgettable one! (both figuratively and literally! :D)

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