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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AaronFisher, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi Friends,

    Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays to JB, the Kenners and the rest of the t11 gang. Congratulations on another great year and all the great magic.

    Since we've been friends since the beginning, i want you guys to have access to a special free stream i made for the holidays - it's a free 15 minute lesson that will make your magic better immediately. You'll be able to apply this in time for the holidays.

    Just go to this link and sign up for my newsletter and I'll send it to you immediately - It' s a 14.95 value, and it's my holiday gift to all you card punks!

    Here's the link - just fill out the webform in the upper right corner of the page and you'll be studying the live stream in 2 minutes. Here it is:


    With Many Thanks - Here's hoping this christmas you fool your ENTIRE family!

  2. Awesome! Doin' it right now! Thanks!
  3. So if we're subscribed to the newsletter already, we just wait for the email?

  4. If you're already on my list ....

    You'll get it next week! I just put out a new podcast on my blog and didn't want to be pesky - if you're chomping at the bit and you're on the newsletter list already, just drop me an email and i'll get it to you the next time i'm at the desk!

  5. I feel as if I need this. *click*

    I really did get me-self a new newsletter in my inbox! :D
  6. word - when you're done watching, post a comment so i know what you learned. Always working to make everything a better lesson! let me know what you take away from the vid!

  7. This was awesome, I needed it because I always "fiddle" with my cards while performing but not much longer now... :D
  8. It came to me right away too. Thank you. Much of that came across as very helpful to me as well.
  9. I registered but never got the email...Oh well I'll try again later. (edit) sorry i did infact receive it thanks for the freebie.
  10. your welcome!

    right on! i'm glad you dig it - happy holidays!


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