Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hey Guy's,

    I know I am a bit early but I just wanted to wish all a very Happy Thanksgiving :D!!! I bet alot of you will be getting together with family and stuff for this holdiday so I think it is the perfect time to perform some magic perhaps try out some new material because if you mess up hey its family.

    The tricks on my list to perform at a get-together are as follows,

    Identy by Richard Sanders ( this is amazing effect and I think it has great walk about possibilities so I will be performing it)

    Pantom Coins (A trick where the coins 3 coins fly from one hand to the other after being produced out of the air)

    Broken and restored rubber band ( A knew method I have been playing around with)

    Twisted by Daniel Garcia ( one of my favorite bill changes)

    And as always sponge balls (my favorite effect ever)

    I Just thought it would be interesting if you guy's posted what you were planning to perform. Thanksgiving has always made me think of magic because when I was little their was always somone at our get-togethers like older brothers and uncles perfomring card tricks and pulling coins from ears. It was all just for fun but when I was little it used to amaze me and fascinate me and this was part of the reason I first got into magic.

    I hope that you all have a amazing Thanksgiving and lots of good food :)

    May we all remeber and be grateful for God's wonderful provision on this holiday,

    Happy Thanksgiving,

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    sweet post...but has no place on this forum

    that being said, happy thanksgiving to u too


    EDIR: im sorry at the time of reading this, all it said was happy thanksgiving...nothing about magic at all...just sayin
  3. Yep, will do:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. happy turkey day:)

    you too, I knoww what I'm thankful for, this site, and all the great people who work hard for what we do:)

    enjoy thanksgiving guys!
  5. Why post that?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I plan on doing some spongeball stuff, and I recently made an illusion box that I'll be doing things with.
  6. I'm sorry, but since when did you get to decide what should and shouldn't be on the forums? With that attitude your not going to go anywhere, so you might as well just keep your harsh opinions to yourself.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the post. Hope you all have a fantastic ThanksGiving!:)


  7. First letter in your post should be capitalized, as should "that" and for that matter, "Thanksgiving". "u" Is not a word and you did not use any periods.

    Terrible post...But it has no place on this forum.

    That being said, happy Thanksgiving everybody.

    Anyway, I'm not really sure what I'll be performing tomorrow. But I really hope you guys all have a great time eating, performing, and spending time with friends and family.
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  9. His post has everything to do here. Its magic related if you didnt read it.

    I dont think ill be performing much. I wanna just enjoy one day for myself and not "work".
  10. Merry Day of Turkeys, my friends!

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