Harada Hold?

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  1. Harada hold I believe that is what it is called. Ok if someone could please help me. I know what it is but I have a problem with getting it there and getting it back.( if you know it then you know what I am talking about) I know there is a dvd out but I am a poor college student and just don't have the money to buy a dvd about something that I know. If somone could help me or even PM me. I love this it is such a beautiful hold but I want to be able to use it!! Thank you very much.
  2. I think Daiki Harada, Ginjiro, and Kenji Yata would all be a little upset with you if they read that. You can't use their material without purchasing the DVD, and therefore buying the rights. If you appreciate the hold that much, and respect the art of magic, you'll find a way to save some money and buy it.

  3. You say you know the move, but since you're asking us, you obviously don't know everything about the move that the DVD teaches, which is a perfect reason to get the DVD.

    Not to sound mean (because it will sound mean), but the 'I'm a poor student' or 'I can't afford it for reason x/y/z' has been used before and it holds no value. If you really care about supporting the creators and the art of magic, you'll find a way to put aside the mere ~$40 (that's including shipping) and learn it the right way. Is it fair? No, it's life.

    Again, sorry if that sounds mean or harsh.

    Best of luck,

  4. Well first off I had a VHS tape that shown the move that is how I know it....I lost it in a house fire....I know the move and I did purchase a VHS tape that shown the hold but it didn't go into much detail about it...But like I said I had a house fire and lost it so thats why I was asking for some help
  5. Sorry if I am ignorant, I didn't know there was an VHS show the Harada Hold... Which one is that?
  6. Honestly I dont know because I went to Buffalo and I went to this small run down magic shop and there was this bin full of videos marked down to like 5-7 dollars so I picked up a few michael ammar card videos and some coin video called like intro to coins or coin handling for beginners.........some generic name. Well in the video there was a guy showing concelments like the Downs Palm and classic palm ect, and then he shown one that he said was credited to a japanese magician and never said a name. At the end when the credits go by you see where it says and a special thanks to and I don't remember the first name but the last name was Harada. This was before I really got into magic so I never really paid attention to the names of the ppl or the name of the guy that taught every thing. And never even tried to use that hold or like the video said concealment ( sp? ) because of how hard it is, untill I started seeing people post videos of them using it. And when I heard people mention the harada hold and that it was from a japanese magician it clicked that in the video that I paid only 5 or 7 dollars for had this move in it. That is why I have been messing around with it. Maybe it is not the same thing but if not it sure is a CRAZY coincident with the same last name and it being a japanese magician but since I never bought the Harada hold video I guess I can't be 100% sure it is the same move ( which I am 99.99% positive but....)
  7. Ok I have an update. Today I met somone on campus that knew I did magic and he does it too. We wants me to help him behind the scenes for his first stage show this month. Anyway, we were showing eachother what we know and he shown me an awsome vanish. I Told him that I am working on a move that looks like that. And he said "is it the Harada hold?" I said I think so...so I shown him and yes the move that was on that old VHS (well I think it was old because of the quality ) was the Harada hold. So now I can't hear anyone say " you have to purchase the rights of it before using it" And seeing how noone on here helped me I guess I will just go to him when I have a question. It is just nice to finaly have somone I can show my stuff to and have help me
  8. That's great! No one can point out if you flashed like a magician can. It's also good to have someone to show your new tricks to so they can tell you where to improve.

    If you want even more eyes and ears, you would greatly benefit from joining a SAM/IBM ring if there are any near you.
  9. I wish there were but I live in a small town and go to school at a small campus. The closest magic shop is in Buffalo which is about a 2 hour drive. I wish there were more stuff like that in my area : (
  10. Hrm...bummer, mate. The closest IBM ring I could find to you was in Greensburg, PA, which is like 4 hours from you :eek: Glad you found someone you could talk to and share your magic with, though.

    Best of luck!
  11. hey man thanx for looking that up for me....I appreciate it : )
  12. Even with you in college you should save up for this Dvd. Not only does it teach the move itself, but there are a lot of good routines in the Dvd too. I bought the Japanese version and the effects in it are spectacular!

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