Hardest flourish ever?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by UnknownMagician93, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. What is the hardest flourish you have ever come accross?

    If you did manage to get it down, how long did it take?

    I am pretty new to Cardistry, but I would have to say the Cobra Cut, I practicied alot but never managed to even get the basic version down...
  2. backpack looks friggin baaaah. Cant get the hang of Cobra's too. Probably because i have small hands, and dont own the DVD.
  3. rev. erdnase. i just cant seem to get it (from the system)
  4. There's different handlings taught on the trilogy for Erdnase go around. You should check that out. Dont know the mechanics exactly of Rev Erdnase, but i think its round about the same starting grip.
  5. exact version of tudor cut 2. s***. :cool:
  6. one handed downfall

    I don't really have a grand knowledge of flourishing but personally the hardest one I have come across is my version of Daniel Madison's downfall basically its the same but the motion of throwing/flipping the packet and catching it is all accomplished using one hand only. Also at the end instead of dropping the packet I flip both at the same from my left hand to my right.

    It is rather difficult...

  7. Top Shot hands down. I still can't catch it reliably after 9 months of practice....
  8. LOL!!! We're in the cardistry section!:D
    Topshot is magic!
  9. Crossed Winged cobras switching packets mid air. Even ask andrei....
  10. Its a sleight. Though i do agree that it doesnt 'Belong' in this thread, it doesnt mean that you can be a kiddie and scream about it.

    Grow up.


    Sean watters does that pretty well actually. The cross winged cobras. I think he ate devo's hands or some ****.
  11. Agreed, it is a sleight and somewhat a flourish, I think it is a move what can be in both sections. And MLB you do need to grow up.
  12. sort of second dat :rolleyes:
  13. I wans't screaming about it, :rolleyes: I just capitalized it because I thought it was funny.
  14. Dont think im being a kiljoy, but there's nothing funny about a topic that's misplaced- on an internet forum.

    That just screams out "Hey, i dont have a life besides these forums!"

    Not to steer off topic but dont you have anything else productive to do?
  15. Well, right now I'm eating dinner,
    how about you?
  16. Hardest flourishes in which I am working on "What the Hell Happened to Sybil" Series by Brian Tudor, in which I have to corporate the revolution cut in the sybil. My main goal is to execute well and still working on it. I also want to improve the aerial of Rev. Erdnase Go Around by Dan and Dave Buck.
  17. it was called what the hell happened to sybil 2.
  18. Lennart Green's Top Shot is 100% a flourish. There's no argument otherwise.
  19. Is that sarcasm?

    Anyway, to the guy that replyed that the top shot it's very difficult when you actually try to catch the cards.....

    I have found that "snapping" your fingers and then do the move helps a lot, it kinda gets the move in a beat that you can actually follow, also, one of my main problems at the beggining, is that I ( I don't know why) shooted the card face down....

    It got fixed with time, but try the snapping, it actually works ;).
  20. No sarcasm. You can lift a card from the top of the deck with your right hand or you can Top Shot it to that hand. It's a flashy way to display your skill.

    I know it can have alternative applications, but they're not what Green created the Top Shot for. And therefore the Top Shot is completely valid in this thread and the Lemon Bird Man has yet again made a fool of himself.

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