Has anyone won the T11 holiday contest yet?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by chesshoudini, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. ...just wondering :)
  2. Well, I recieved the half brick (6) of Guardians that I ordered...but nope I didn't get a winner. That's okay though because these cards are wicked anyway. I'm thinking about making another order soon, however.

    Good luck to all!

    Shane K.
  3. I totally forgot about it and spent most of my money on Wynns... better luck next year eh?
  4. Winning Guardian Decks...

    This post is to see who one a deck and how many you ordered just to find out you didnt win....lol.

  5. I came in here expecting a thread about how you got the winning guardian deck, but instead get this!

    I have been deceived!
  6. That was just to get people to participate lol!
  7. I got all 12.
  8. Theres only 10...;)
  9. i got the best prize of them all (and its not from the contest)
    you guys will just have to wait till Sunday to find out the fun news :D
  10. 11 "winning" decks of Bicycle Guardian. ;)

  11. Yes but when i win there will only be 10.

    PS i will be winning number 11 so if you had your heart set on that...
  12. Liar. If there is only 10 how come I got all 12?
  13. Well if thats possible, then i ordered 15 decks and won all 15. I havent even received any of them yet!
  14. Liar. I got all 12 so how would you get all 15?
  15. Relaxxxx I won 11..or will be and there are 10 left...or will be left so, everyone except me is a liar.
  16. You Obviously misread since the thread says " Has anyone won the T11 holiday contest yet?". Not how he got the winning guardian deck.
  17. Actually i started one saying Winning Gaurdian deck...got moved here.
  18. I got a winning deck with my batch of first edition Guardians...

    Anyway, whoever does get a winning deck...can you please put up pictures for all to see?
  19. no one won yet eh?
  20. I won, but I'm not telling anyone.

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