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  1. Whilst playing with cards, I stumbled upon a sequence of cuts that make a flourish I really like. I want to call it my own since I've never seen it done, but I wish to know if it's been done so I'm not copying someone else or stealing it. How do I know if it's been done?
  2. Make a video on Instagram and post it here
  3. Actually the link seems to be broken. If it doesn't work for you, my handle is @lava_java . It's the last post
  4. It says your account is set to private so only your followers can see it. If you change it to public the link should work. :D
  5. Why is it important to call it your own? Are you going to charge for it? What's important is that you created something cool, even if someone already did it you didn't know about it. It is still cool, and you did it. Feel good about it.

  6. I changed my account to public so the link should work now. But I see what you're saying Mr Book. I am proud of it, I'd just rather not catch flak if I call it my own. One of the reasons I would like to call it my own is so I could publish a tutorial on the marketplace. Free of charge. Just something robe proud of.
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  7. I understand completely

  8. If y'all watched it, what'd y'all think of it? I need to work on the closer quite a bit. I feel pretty solid about the whole flourish except the closer. Any ideas?

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