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  1. So i created a trick recently that i really like. Its been playing really well for laymen and i just really enjoy doing it. I wanted to know if its been done before.
    Essentially what i do is (from a shuffled possibly borrowed pack) have four cards freely selected and placed down on the table (no switches). Then i have a fifth card selected and lost in the pack (for the sake of arguement lets say its the king of diamonds). I then pick up the four cards and proceed to turn over the first card which would be the three of hearts (for example) and i say that it tells me that your card was red. I turn over the next card and its the 7 of diamonds which tells me that there card is a diamond. I then turn over the next card and its the king of clubs which tells me their card is a king. I say "so i know you're card is the king of diamonds you're probably wondering what the last card tells me. Well it just confirms the information the other three gave me because it is your card" as i flip it over.

    The thinking behind this came from practicing chad longs trick "oh no you didn't" which employs a deminishing lift sequence. I've always loved the deminishing lift sequence, and i still use it, but sometimes it feels a little hokey and tongue in cheekish. But as i was doing it over and over I realized that it would be a great trick if you somehow could really do what you say you're doing. And i thought about it for a while and came up with this.

    Credit to gary broome (garyb) for telling me to try and do it without a switch which eventually inspired the final/current method. I just want to know if anyone has seen/heard of this effect. Thanks in advance. Oh and i'm trusting that no one will try to steal this idea so please don't :D
  2. that sounds really cool, I have not heard of a trick like this, any videos?
  3. No i guess is should shoot one.
  4. I don't think its been done before. But it is nice to know you have actually been performing it and not in you room performing only for yourself then posting a thread has this been done before.
  5. yea when i think about it, it is a little like a hoffzinzers four ace routine but also very different. It also feels sort of like a mystery card with another phase. I'd like to get a video camera and shoot an actual performance rather than just shoot a video of myself doing it. If i get the chance then i'll post it. I was thinking of possibly selling this on my friends website in the future (i know i know, im a total sell out. But i'm poor so what can i say) and i wanted to make sure this specific idea hasn't been done exactly like i do it. Im sure there will be several other tricks like it but definately let me know if you are aware of something that sounds exactly like this so i don't end up having to write a formal apology to someone :p . Probably won't be selling it (if I do at all) for several months. But i wanted to just get feed back etc. Thanks guys, keep it coming.
  6. There are various tricks like this scattered around in magic books. I really cant name any one right now, but i know i have read about this type of effect a couple of times. I believe, it's called a Deduction effect, but i'm not really sure.
  7. Sounds like a really awesome trick... I've heard of similar plots, but nothing quite the same.
  8. My opinion as far as magic goes:
    Everything has been dome, and done to death. Nothing has been done enough.
  9. sounds interesting...it could be a killer if you pulled it off...look forward to seeing this....
  10. There's a very similar effect in the .. not the last one, but the one before that, Reel Magic Quarterly. The difference being that the guy has envelopes and cards inside the envelopes.

    Performer gives a sealed envelope to a spectator. Another selects and signs a card. Card is lost in the deck. Performer has the spec tear open the envelope, finds another inside it. Performer takes that one, opens it. Takes out three cards out, one is the value of the selection, one is the suit, the final one is the signed selection.

    He even uses a similar script. "This one tells me that your card is a 7. This one tells me your card is a heart. And this one ... this one tells me how you sign your name."
  11. It is a safe bet to say that if the first few words out of your mouth are "so you take a deck of cards and..." then it's not going to be original. Card effects are so played out by now. It would be like finding a needle in a hay stack to originate something new with cards in this day and age. Not to say that it can't be (or won't be) done, but I'm saying your chances of winning it big in Vegas is better.

    I think really we are either looking at variations of handelings, or diffrences in presentation. Change the slights involved all you want, it's still a "pick a card trick". It still follows the same plot.

    However, I will say congratz man for being creative! Developing your own material, effects, and presentation style is a step in the right direction! I applaud you.
  12. I can picture myself performing that actually. Hmm... I'd actually really like to perform it. :D

    Let me know if you ever release how it's done. Or if not, I'll have to figure it out myself... and no one likes doing that...
  13. yea i guess there have got to be similar effects. Its not that origional in that regard. But i think my method will be a bit different then most others. Its a bit of a think on your feet kinda thing (not in a difficult way). Hopefully that doesn't give to much away. But if you are interested in it be on the lookout for my friend josh brand's website maydey.com which is to be launched in the near future (within the next month or two i think, but don't quote me on that) and i may be releasing this there. I will definately be releasing a seperate effect that i am very proud of and won't be talking about right now. I'll just say it takes "card in spectators hand" to a different level. Thanks for all the feedback guys.

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