Has this effect been created yet?

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  1. Ok here is an effect that I visualized: a spectator selects a card, the card is lost in the deck and the deck is then put away. The Magician then proceeds to pick up a sealed deck of cards still in its cellophane. The magician rips away the cellophane, breaks the seal, spreads the deck and to the spectators amazement, a single card is face up revealing the spectators chosen card.

    Now i honestly have no idea if this exists yet, and if it does please give me the name because it would be an amazing effect.
  2. Shane Black's Pandora System available at papercrane.
  3. It sounds stupid the way you described it.
  4. Yes...Shane's Pandora system will do exactly that. Well worth it and doesn't require too much work.
  5. For some ideas on doing this impromptu, have a look at Richard Turner's Double-Signed Card Routine. It's not exactly the same, but all the building blocks to achieve the effect you describe are in there.
  6. with pandora it is more like the spectator takes a card, signs it, then gets lost in the pack a new deck is taken out. and when the pack is opened, they spread the deck, and one card is in the pack face down, in the position where it is supposed to be in the pack with the signature on it
  7. I hope its okay if I also ask "has this effect been created?"

    I was wondering, is there a visual color change on the bottom of a deck of cards, only the deck is wrapped in a rubber band in a cross. (horizontally and vertically). Or a trick where you pull cards out of the deck even though its wrapped up in a rubber band.
  8. The first one has been done by Jay Sankey, I can't recall the name offhand, but he uses a color change for a lot of different hings with a banded deck, and there's the effects Static, Paul Harris's rubber band haunted deck, and Aw Snap by Eric Ross for the second effect you described.

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