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  1. Hey guys whats up just wanted to tell yall that im at a friends house about to go to a party and im with my girlfriend, she has told me that i cant perform any magic. She has made me leave my coins and cards and watermark( it freaking sucks). So were about to leave and she has checked me for any magic things on me and i have nothing( that she doesnt know about). I took dresscode with me and we will see how it goes. So i just wanted to see if anything like this or similar has happened to you guys??
  2. You want some good advice dump her. I know you like her and all but she will keep on doing this even more and more extreme. Now on a side note just enjoy the party. It'll be good for you. I know both of those from experience. She will try to make you stop completely if you aren't careful.
  3. do eric jones a trick with nothing only if some1 asked u
  4. Take it as a hint that you perform too much, obsess about magic too much, or always try to be the center of attention. It is not easy being with someone that is constantly trying to be in the spotlight. I totally understand where your girlfriend is coming from and I would advise you to take a step back and try to understand the meaning behind the words, and not just take them at face value. There is a time and place to do magic, and times where you should leave things at home.
  5. Imagine that somebody else at the party loves playing the guitar. Do they take their guitar with them and play it to people too polite to say no?
    What about someone who reads a lot. Do they take books and ask everyone else to be quiet whilst they concentrate?
    Performing magic doesn't elevate you above respect and etiquette and I'm pretty sure you can go without magic for one night.

    Be a human being first and a magician second.
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    I would say dump her as fast as you can, but I don't know the whole story. Are you a attention ***** or is she? Do you force your magic on people? If these are not the case then I would say kick her to the curb asap. If she is that controling I would not stay in the first place. Who needs another mom? Just my thoughts, and you did ask.

  7. Did she actually tell you WHY she don't want you to bring magic to the party? Once you know that, it will be easy to make further decisions.
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    I think a lot of us having been in this situation myself included with my wife. Tokyo made some valid points. Most people do not want to be around someone that is constantly performing or wanting to be in the spot light. I am guilty of this as well. I know how it gets when the crowd is into it and your adrenaline is going....but keep in mind that your girlfriend / wife may have seen this happen a zillion times and it begins to get old.

    Toby, that is a great question and may lead to an answer for him.

    Another approach that has worked for me is to make a deal that I will only take 3 effects and a few business cards and I sell her on the fact that any place we are at is full of "potential clients" which in turns means more gigs and money coming in. Normally she is ok with just 3 effects to promote myself.

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