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  1. Hey, I've seen a lot of Haunted deck tricks out there or similar tricks where the deck cuts itself, moves, etc. Can you suggest the simplest and most effective ways of performing one? I am aware that some use invisible string or PK gimmicks. What are the best methods? Thanks! :D
  2. I personally think that the haunted deck trick using Loops is the simplest one (for me). It's taught in the little instruction sheet that comes along with the purchase of a pack of Loops.
  3. yep loops are the way to go. it is the most practical any time any where haunted pack routine
  4. Derren Brown teaches an ungimickked, impromptu haunted deck in the Devil's Picturebook. It's really quite easy once you get the knack of it and really is rather funky.
  5. Well, I agree with cklam. Loops, to me, are definatly the way to go when you are performing a haunted pack routine. What I recommend for you, however, is to think about buying the 3 DVD Set for LOOPS that Ellusionist.com offers. $50 is truly a small price to pay for the information and effects you'll learn. Justin Miller, Nathan Kranzo, and Daniel Garcia will not steer you wrong!

    Shane K.
  6. Loops indeed

    Tally Ho Viper + Loops = Killer Haunted Deck
  7. I know a lot of people have mentioned loops, but there is a reson so many have mentioned them. They are great for a haunted pack effect!
  8. The plunger principle comes to mind.

    But I DO love Paul Harris' Impromptu Floating Deck. - granted not quite a haunted deck but the deck does float upwards cutting above the card, you just have to remove it manually. But very fairly and openly! :p

    - Sean
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    I simply love DG's "haunted deck" called Motion. This trick is very simple and I believe if not mind confused that it is taught on the second volume of the DGP's.

    Also don't forget that the thing is impromptu.

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