Have any of the marketplace artists noticed....

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by obrienmagic, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. ... a decline in sales over the last few months? Not sure if people are just not visiting the marketplace like they used to or if it is just me, but i have noticed that sales have slowed down. Anyone else noticed this? Wondering what we can do to help get more traffic to the marketplace in general.

    I think if T11 started spotlighting artists of the week/month again it may help!
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  2. Have you been tracking this for a year or longer? This is a time of year when traditionally I've seen sales dip, probably because kids are out of school and not worrying as much about buying magic - they're (hopefully) out doing stuff. Or marathoning GoT.
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  3. I have not tracked it yearly, however it sounds about right that it could be "slow season" for us artists haha If that is the case, i know not to post around this time. You know on average about what time this lasts? maybe from around early june to early august?
  4. Once kids get back in to school they will be eager to show off their skills like I will be. Most Kids get back in late August. Sales should go up around then.
  5. We generally see significant dips in January (People spend all their money on Christmas), then basically June-August are slow.

    And after each major holiday there will be a dip as well, but only brief usually.
  6. Sales'll probably also decline for a couple weeks a month or 2 before school ends. Depends on when AP tests, Finals, and Standard State Assigned Tests are scheduled.

    The rise in sales will probably start Early August, since Kids generally will be back from vacation by then and get a couple tricks for school.

    Literally all but a couple of my friends are out of town until August, and I have a messed up knee (so I can't really play outside/sports) I am spending my days in magic and xbox :( I can't be the only one though.
  7. I spend my days going to the magic store near me since most of my friends are on vacation. Your not the only one
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  8. Wow great advice! thanks guys!
  9. As someone who does not sell tricks I cannot add to this discussion. However I will say that this has been a very interesting insight. :)
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