Have you ever done a whole card routine with just one hand?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moniker, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. For example:

    A bunch of one handed cuts and card shoots.. Also I've sort of developed my own way of making a card appear from the bottom of the deck to the top, to the middle, and then to the top again. Etc.

    Also I can let them choose a card they cut and shuffle it...return it to my one hand and I make it appear. I can also do double lifts...and have them make them think I put the card in the middle, but it's on top..!

    What I'm wondering is... if anybody else does card tricks with just one hand?
  2. =raises one hand=

    My favorite routine is Joel Paschall's 'Ace Cut': a one-handed 'cutting the aces' routines.
  3. This is the type of thing a magician would go crazy for and a lay audience could care less about.
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  4. Not if you have a deck in each hand and you are doing two totally separate tricks in each hand for two different people beside you. I usually have them pick the same card.
  5. I have to agree with AnthonyL. If that's something you like to do and it works, that's great, but its just too much for the standard layman to fully appreciate. Doing it twice one handed with fancy cuts demotes it from an art of wonder and mystery to fast and skill based entertainment. By no means am I saying that this is a bad idea if it happens to fit your performance style, but one of the gripping moments in a magic trick which is often overlooked is the feeling that it is unique and performed just for them, a mysterious and rare occasion versus a flashy card trick.

    Just my humble opinion. I hope that I have in no way offended anyone, these are simply my thoughts on presentation. Again, if it works for you and fits your style, let no one tell you otherwise!

  6. That would not only be so confusing to juggle in your mind, but also seems like something Derren Brown already thought of and doesn't have the dexterity to pull off.
  7. Look up Rene Levand. He only had one arm so had to perform everything one handed out of necessity. Having met the guy I can confirm his performance is impeccable.

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  8. Derren has a quicker mind than all of us and also unbelievable card handling skills, so it wouldn't surprise me if he could;)

  9. I knew his mind was 10 levels above anyone here but I have never really seen him use cards (besides that really weird trick with the two people) so I didn't think he really had much skill with them...

  10. Pure Effect has a whole tonne of card stuff in it. Not easy card stuff either.

    Also, Look up Zamiels Rose on Youtube. Derren's card magic at its best.

  11. That was a very impressive trick. Wow, Pure Effect is expensive... I got my brother Tricks Of The Mind for Christmas because he is a big fan.
  12. Dani Daortiz cuts to the aces with one hand. It's one of my favorite routines he does.

    I created a one handed ambitious card routine. I'm not a huge fan of the ambitious card though so I really don't perform it anymore.
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  13. I know right? So glad I got my copy when it was still in print (about 15 years ago!) and Derren was only just starting the become the big star he is now. I only paid £30 for it!

    Whether you perform it for layman or not, purely from an 'artistic' perspective I'd love to see a video of it. Creation for creations sake can be great fun for those in the know.

  14. I may share it but I'm out of practice, so it will be kinda sloppy.
  15. Like just about everybody else said. Typical people who don't know anything about cards or just a little usually aren't as entertained with one handed tricks. I just like doing it. However, every once in a while people ask if I can do a trick with one hand.
  16. I never thought about that, but I think it's pretty nice idea to perform one handed, it's kinda challenging.
  17. It is, the biggest challenge with one handed stuff, and I'm speaking only for cards, is easily exposed angles.

    A lot of one-handed moves don't exactly have the luxury of using the other hand as a cover. On top of that, because you're only using one hand, it's very easy for the audience to 'burn your hand'. Even worse if that if they take what you're doing and demote it to a 'stunt' and not magic (which I have had happen to me). The only other thing you can do is have a good script and 'speak' with your other hand.

    Misdirection City!
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  18. Personally, I think that if you are doing an effect with one hand for the sole reason of doing it one handed, you're just showing off.

    Not that I don't think there are many useful and effective one-handed routines and sleights, I just try to elevate the magic rather than the spectators opinion on my technical skill.
  19. I thought that was in fact the essence of cardistry.... Showing off your skills handling cards... This website is half based in cardistry.
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  20. I knew what I meant by that statement. When I said effect, I meant specifically an effect, or in other terms, a trick, and I did not mention anything about cardistry.

    I totally agree that showing skill goes hand in hand with cardistry. However, I personally feel that cardistry has no place in a magic effect. This particular topic of doing magic effects one handed for the sake of doing them one handed is only comparable to cardistry by the idea of one showing off their skills.

    Again, these are only my opinions and mean no disrespect. I personally never try to show off when doing magic and would never even consider the idea of doing so much as a simple sybil. But that is just my style. I don't want my audiences to think "Well, I don't know how he did it, but I can tell he is good with his hands.". I'd prefer a much more satisfying response, like, "Well, he didn't do anything!".

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