Have you guys seen Chris Ramsay's new series of videos?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mclintock, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Oh yeah I've seen them! In my opinion, all are true. However, I haven't gotten the "can you make my wife disappear" joke.
  2. Me neither, but the card spring one, and pretty much all of the ones from the latest video are so true.
  3. Ugh, this one is the worst. I feel so bad for the wife when some foolish guy says this.
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  4. I get the wife thing alllll the time. Or can you change my $1 into $100? (this one especially if you perform it then they wanna keep it like suddenly now that money is involved they believe in real magic lol)
  5. Yeah he is doing pretty good job on them, I get the wife thing a lot, actually not exactly this joke but similar stuff like, vanish me and make me appear at my home,
    The worst part about it is not only that this type of jokes is not funny at all, but also that you heard it like a hundred times before.
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  6. Yeah they are awesome. I loved the spring one because it sums up most of the reactions that I get. I also loved the one where he shows things that magicians never want to here. I get them very often and it annoys me as well. Especially the "My little brother does magic."
  7. He should make one where you're busking, and then the cops chase you off the street, tackle you, and keep you in a holding cell for a couple days until you scrounge up enough tip money to make bail. I hate when that happens.
  8. It's such a difficult thing to respond to! Sigh... "I'm sure she'd like to right about now..."
  9. That's actually very close to how I respond. I usually say something like, "No, but keep talking like that and she might make YOU disappear!" Then I laugh which makes it passive-aggressive and that usually gets a good laugh from the table.
  10. I usually say 'Of course I can make her disappear. I know an excellent divorce lawyer.' then I do the thing where you put your hands to your ear like a phone and whisper 'call me'.
  11. I get the "make my wife disappear" joke often as well. However, I felt like Chris kinda ripped David Stone, because he did it first. (see here @1:25)
  12. I love his video series. So funny! I hope he makes more.

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