Have you noticed this about the DVD Show Off With Cards?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by oooo191, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I was watching the card DVD show off with cards and i noticed it featured move's that i dont think there supposed to have here's what i noticed

    1:Aaron Fisher's one handed pop over move
    2:the Reveloution cut (I dunno about this one)
    3:Birdy fan
    4:5 Faces of sybil

    i mean i dont mind because im learning these move's without having to get the other DVD's but has anyone else noticed this?
  2. i could be wrong but i believe "Showoff With Cards" is infamous for teaching moves WITHOUT the permission of their creators and in many cases teaches them incorrectly. Not the best choice of dvd's...
  3. Yes, I have noticed the Showoff with Cards by Brian Tudor. I know that he gives credits, but I don't think he has the permission to use the moves. By the way, I think Revolution Cut was originally created by Brian Tudor himself, unless I am wrong.
  4. Show Off with Cards is different from Brian Tudor's Showoff series.
  5. Oh, sorry, my mistake.
  6. Yea i had noticed they teached move's badly like the charlier cut they say you push foward with your middlefinger now there's probably some peaople who do that but it hurts my hand and they also teach the colour change SHAPESHIFTER but they call it chamelon which is out of order
  7. Yeah the revolution is his, as well as three other versions of it (may be more or less, don't count me on it too much).
  8. they showed in a part of the dvd all moves... and the last one was the hex... they don't have teached it
  9. yea i noticed they dont teach Hex but dont need it its easy to do o well the DVD was good for 3.99

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