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  1. I saw a video where a young magician ( I was going to say he was African American ) but I don't
    recall if he was the UK or not. He took a few pieces of black and white paper and folded them in half and they became business cards. I tried Ellusionist and Theory 11 and neither one can recall
    selling this illusion. Can anyone ever remember seeing this ? Thank you
  2. When did you see this, a week(s), month(s), or a year(s) ago? On what platform YouTube, Instagram, or FaceBook? Was he speaking English?
  3. I'm sorry. I didn't expain this very well did I ? This was an illusion I saw maybe 2 or 3 years ago on-line and I ordered it. It wasn't Ellusionist or Theory 11 and I haven't ordered things from many places so this is frustrating. I have a download video for how to do the illusion but without the title I can't locate it on my computer. I thought maybe someone who saw it or purchased it might remember it. Thank you for taking the time to reply. The young guy speaks English. I think he was in the UK possibly. I believe it was from a on-line store that sold llusions. I watched the video and said I have to get this. Thats what I get for not learning how to file video / digital things away so that I can find them. Thank you again.
  4. Umm...you can almost certainly use a file management program on your computer to sort files by type so that you can then just look through media files. You may also be able to sort by date last modified and that may further help you to find it. Another way that you might be able to find it would be to install a media program such as RealPlayer. After you install it and then turn it on it will automatically search your entire drive looking for media files.

    But yeah, the best way to prevent this from happening is to spend the time necessary to order your media files. I have two file folders on my desktop...one labeled "magic docs" and another labeled "magic vids." In each of those folders I have sub-folders that further divide things by author or performer or by the site where they were acquired and then once again divided by the type of effect like, say, cards or coins. It will take many hours to do this if you have a lot of digital material but it is worth it to be able to find what you are looking for when you need it.
  5. Promo by Marcus Eddie is kind of similar to what you described.
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    You wrote that Promo by Marcus Eddie is kind of similar to what I described. That was my fault. I described it the best as I could remember it. Wow, I am impressed to say the least. YOU FOUND IT ! That is not similar, that IS THE EXACT ILLUSION I was looking for. I am so excited I haven't even searched my computer for it yet becase I had to send a reply. I have no idea how you did that considering that there must be a zillion tricks floating around in cyberspace.
  7. i want to know how to do this
  8. Go to a website called PENGUIN MAGIC and this is the link (if it lets me post it)
    That is where you can order a download of how to do the illusion. It is called PROMO and its by MARCUS EDDIE. I am going to reorder it myself. Its $12.95
  9. To the person who found this and it is the one I was looking for. Send me an email catyoga2@me.com

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