Having trouble finding the right deck?

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  1. everyone has different taste in cards... I started out using Bicycle Cards, now I use the Virtuoso SS16 deck... If your having trouble finding the right deck, or your just starting out in cardistry, go for Bicycle. Its cheap and not bad for flourishes.

    What Cards would you recommend?
  2. I would recommend Bicycle. They are consistently good cards and last quite well if you can keep them clean and dry. They fan and spread well and evenly. They are good for springing, dribbling and faros, including one-hand faros. I find that the Bicycle Rider Backs seem to be of better quality than the Bicycle Standards, and I have gotten bricks of them online averaging about $2.00 a deck, with free shipping. That's really great for a great deck. I have lots of decks of custom decks that are quite beautiful, more attractive than the Bicycles, but almost none of them beat the bicycles for cardistry. And the Bicycles are 1/5th or in some cases 1/10 the cost. I have never tried the Virtuoso SS16 deck, but maybe I will give it a try.
  3. yup, old school bikes are the best!
    Old is Gold :) :) :)

    PS:- Look at me pretending I own the bicycle cards...they are like, 100 rupees in India. Imagine paying $100 for one single standard red backed bicycle deck?

    PPS:-Also, I prolly exagerated on the cost in India, but it is definitely at LEAST 60 rupees (prolly more than that). But you would not pay $60 for a SINGLE standard deck, would you?
  4. Tally Ho fan backs, slightly better finish that bikes so they will last longer but I love the design more and they are the same price!
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  5. Cardistry Touch Origins, that deck is extremely easy to fan, are light, and you don't have to break them in. The only problem with them is how hard it is to find a deck sometimes. If you can't find them in stock anywhere then see if you can get your hands on some Virtuoso cards. Can't get those then get the Tally Ho's.
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  6. Phoenix deck. By a magician for magicians.
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  7. This is the cardistry forum though lol
  8. I know. Phoenix decks are fantastic to Faro with right out of the box. And spread, fan, etc. with ease.
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  9. After handling the gold standards by Richard Turner the regular bikes will never feel the same.
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