He(r)rman(n) Pass

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How should it be spelt?

  1. Herman

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  2. Herrman

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  3. Hermann

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  4. Herrmann

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  5. Reverse classic cut

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  1. I know it's been asked a million times, but aside from practice - which only entrenches my bad habits - how do I stop flashing the lower deck whilst removing and seeing it up for the actual pass?

    Huge thanks to you guys already
  2. The correct spelling is Herrmann after Alexander Herrmann who the move is attributed to by August Roterberg in New Era Card Tricks in 1897. There are some suggestions in an 1896 German magic periodical that Herrmann used the move but didn't invent it. He may have been taught the turnover pass by Johann Hofzinser according to Magic Christian's book NonPlus Ultra. If that is true, maybe it should be called the Hofzinser pass.

    If you are flashing, it is because your hand and finger position is wrong. There is a great explanation of how to do it step by step in Volume 4 of Card College. Without a video showing what you are doing, it is difficult to pinpoint what you need to change.
  3. Thanks for the history - as a newbie I'm still finding my feet and hear/read so many terms I can't begin to work out where to start with the development of card work over the ages.

    As for the hand positions, I'll attempt to create a video (not a technophobe but I'm only used to taking videos of my boys playing rugby or with their WWE toys!) and attempt to post it here.

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