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  1. Hey everyone.

    Long story short: I haven't been active in any online community since decknique. I still flourish cards everyday, but I haven't pursued any real new material or kept up with the latest trends. Turns out my job is sending me to a conference in Las Vegas from Dec 2 thru Dec 6. It will just be me, unfortunately my wife could not make it. I was hoping get some advice on where to go and what to see? I'd also love to meet up with any other local card flourishers if possible. It's short notice, I know. So what are the best magic shops to visit? How do I track down any good magic shows? Any advice from locals or other tourists is greatly appreciated. I'd love to make the most of my visit.


  2. I went a few months ago with my g/f. Went to see the Penn and Teller show, which I would highly recommend, I've heard Mac Kings show is very good, and Jeff Mcbride puts on a cabaret style magic show with other performers which I was told was very good. In terms of shops I would avoid the ones in the hotel and head to Denny and Lee magic studio, its hard to find but was a very good shop, with a very friendly staff member. hope this helps a bit.
  3. Thanks Slick, I didn't know Jeff McBride was in Vegas, I will definitely try to check him out, and I will look into the other shows you mentioned.

    I forgot to mention that I am from Baltimore, so Denny and Lee will be my first stop. Just doing a search on google maps for magic shops, I've never seen so many results show up! Like you said, maybe I'll avoid the ones on the strip and look for the ones on the back roads.
  4. I went to Denny and Lee's simply because it was a recommendation from someone I speak to on another forum who lives in Vegas. The ones in the Hotels are for the tourist's really, lots of D'lites and UFO playing cards. I promise you if you go from hotel to hotel and walk past the Houdini chain of magic shops (i think that what they are called) those will be the two effects demoing in every single store lol.
  5. Wow - now that's a blast from the past! How the hell are ya?

    Unfortunately I can't recommend anything in particular as Vegas is concerned, only having been to the place twice for very short trips. But I hope you have a good time! Nice to see a familiar name. :)


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