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  1. Hello everyone at theory11.com! I just signed up although I have been browsing the forum for almost a year now no. I google a lot of random playing card related things and this site comes up quite often where I find people discussing just what I was searching about. I am a playing card collector and enthusiast and have been collecting for about a year now. I acquire almost all of my cards from thrift stores and I don't discriminate hardly at all hardly at all about what goes into my collection. This may make me sort of an odd ball I suppose but that's ok with me. I mostly try to keep a look out for different jokers and different ace of spades cards and my favourites are actually the cheap-ass china made decks as these have the wide ranging variety of different cartoony jokers I love to collect. I'm also always happy to pick up a fancy pants designer deck aswell but it's not always in the budget to pick up many more than the odd deck here and there. I have a keen interest in all things playing cards (cards of all kinds in general too, trading cards, tarot cards) and am actually working on writing a book about all aspects of playing cards with chapters ranging from cardistry to cardiology to random facts and even jokes. I look forward to being part of the forum here and I sincerely hope I am accepted and not shoved into lockers or given swirlies in the toilet or atomic wedgies, I will willingly share my lunch money with any of you but honestly my mom usually packs me a bag lunch. I will gladly give my pudding cup to whoever lets me sit beside them. Thank you and good day. Err.. Night.
  2. Hello my friend! Welcome to the T11 forums! Glad to hear you finally decided to join! Don’t worry we won’t toss you in a locker or put “kick me” signs on you or anything... this isn’t “The Magic Cafe” afterall ;) haha all joking aside though, we are a very fun and helpful community! These forums IMO (and this is the truth) have been the most helpful of any other magic related group on the internet!
  3. Also...this is a really great place in the sense that there is a variety of skill levels here. From ABSOLUTE beginners to super-skilled experts to casual amateurs to serious hobbyists to professional magicians...you'll find all the kinds here. So, there is a variety of opinion here. Especially when we get thinking questions like, the role of internet in magic (I cite it just as an example, I am fully aware that we have discussed it SO much now that we have reached the point where we might just wearily tell the other they are right JUST to avoid another debate) or other such thought-provoking stuff. Then, it is amazing to read the different ideas people have.
    I have just ONE complaint with this place, and that is that the cardistry forum is RARELY active...but that is nit-picking and kinda wrong of me to say it, for it is not the fault of the forum that the cardists don't feel the urge to reply very often. But you should see the forum when some thread like 'Cardistry vs Magic' pops up :) :) :)

    But as I said, it was nit-picking...is forum is fabulous and has enriched my theoretical knowledge about magic a lot and has changed some of my philosophical views about magic.

    Who the heck says these forums don't reveal secrets? 'Nyone talkin' about da methods? Come on....WE ON HERE GET THE REAL SECRETS!!!!

    It doesn't get any better...believe me.
  4. Welcome aboard. This is a great community as everyone else has mentioned. Everyone is friendly and we all share the same excitement and wonder for our magical art. Learn from others' stories of success and failure. We've all been there. Don't be afraid to ask questions, however, please use the search function first as many topics/questions have been beaten to death :)
  5. We are a pretty welcoming group. However, we occasionally do play keep-away with @obrienmagic ’s hat.
  6. Here we go again..... lol
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  7. Hello and welcome, I'm pretty new around here too and I've found this to be a very great place, thanks to everyone who has helped me so far by the way!

    Nice to meet you, my friend :)

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