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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Luis Vega, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I hope you had an awesome new year start! I wanted to ask some opinion here... I was hired to do a trick to present a new Motorcycle helmet... I threw some ideas and they liked it! However I do want to know if there are other options that I haven´t think of...

    Here are some bullet points to consider:

    1.- The helmet is not very heavy, but definitely I wanted to levitate it or produce it somehow amazingly!
    2.- The client wants some fire on the trick
    3.- the whole routine should last a couple minutes

    Let me know if you have any suggestions for it! I would really appreciate it
  2. Luis:

    What is the performance space? Outdoors? Stage? Convention Hall? Video?
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  3. Depends on weight if the helmet but you can use black braided fishing line to make it levitate. 5lbs test is about 0.003 inch in diameter and double the loop doubles the strength. If you have access to the helmet before hand you can sew it into the liner and hide it.
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  4. Yes, I have the helmet (I cannot take pictures of it... jejeje) I have a very strong thread that i can divide in strands... I was thinking using a routine like "The Floating Ball" by Luis de Matos (I have the dvd and the thread that comes along... but I don´t think that thread can hold the helmet)

    Indoors with a big screen behind me... in a famous car shop in Mexico City
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  5. Four motorcycles enter the shop and drive around in tight circles. The end up in the center with their back tires nearly touching. The rev up their engines creating smoke and out of the smoke comes the magician wearing the helmet. The motorcycles leave the state. He takes the helmet off and holds it up in front of him. As he lets go of the helmet, it floats in front of him slowly down to the table. Two assistants hold up a sheet in front of the table. The sheet bursts into flames and when the smoke clears, the magician and helmet disappear. Then, the audience turns around hearing the rev of a motorcycle engine and then the magician rides in on a motorcycle from the back of the room wearing the helmet.
  6. There was a great head twister motorcycle helmet on the market a while back.

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