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  1. Hey Guys!!!
    My name is Adrian, 12 years old, and I have developed an intererest in cardistry a couple of days ago. I have already learned some basic flourishes including: the basic grips, 5 faces of sybil, 3 packet cut, swing cut, spring, table spread, one-handed fan, and the thumb fan. I have learned these from YouTube. However, I am having difficulties learning the charlier cut, the werm, and the cyclone. Is this because I have small hands? Or is this because I have crappy cards? (I have a standard deck of Bicycle cards, by the way) Or is this because I skipped some of the fundamentals that may help in learning flourishes?
    If these are not factors that are hindering me from learning these moves, may you please recommend a good source where I can learn the art of cardistry. Now, some of you may recommend Genesis V1 by Andrei Jikh or The System by Dan and Dave, but I would rather prefer a source or YouTube channel where I can learn the art for free. Please don't jump to a conclusion that I am a cheapskate and consider the fact that I am just a highschool student and I have no way of saving much money for those kind of things.
  2. First of all, you have to invest... do not learn things from youtube unless it is from 52Kards, Chris Ramsay and occasionally TheRussianGenius. I would recommend some Dan And Dave Tutorials, or some tutorials by thevirts.
    I have the worlds smallest hands (like 1/4 of a card is still sticking out when I palm a card).
    I can easily do flowing charlier cuts, and the werm fluidly, and cyclone.
    Some problems people make when doing the Charlier Cuts: When the thumb goes up, it usually gets stuck. Just keep and practicing and practicing. Look at thevirt's tutorial.
    The Werm: This is a harder move to learn when you have small hands, but look up the tutorial by Dan and Dave(4.95), and you will be able to do it.
    Cyclone: Are you holding the card with the right or left hand? Because you have to use the hand Ramsay uses in order for it to work. Follow his steps, and you will get it in no time.
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  3. Thank you for your advice, I think I was just frustrated because I wasn't able to learn those moves as fast as the others. I will try my best to give more time and effort to practice these. And again, thanks!!!:D
  4. Sure thing! With smaller hands, it will be harder, but it is not impossible to do the impossible stuff! Keep it up! practice will get you everywhere.
  5. Most of the issues with the charlier cut are due to practice. You need a lot of patience and repetition to just sort of "Get" how your hands are suppose to move. When you're ready to try something more advanced i suggest you look at bubblewrap:

    which is my favourite flourish.

    If you're taking an interest in magic you can always look at sankey's extensive library

    If you ever want to spend some money on effects/gimmicks, the tricks i found most useful in my time as a magician were:
    Angle Z by Daniel Madison *Although i really do think its a bit overpriced*
    PERSONALLY i got a lot of use out of my raven but dont buy one if you dont wear alot of loose sleeved baggy hoodies
    Justin millers Quantum *Just as an introduction to sandwich effects, with a little more knowledge of slight of hand you can probably figure out all the moves*
    And if you're a ring nut like me i HIGHLY suggest
    Justin millers Divorce (I love patrick kun but i really didnt think reflex was that great but ive never owned it)
    And Calen morelli's Odyssey

    If you want something kinda neat as an opener, Dress code is pretty neat as well

    Final thoughts, if you like magic, go to cosco and buy a 9 back of bicycle cards. They're the cheapest and easily best cards in magic
  6. I'd recommend learning how to do one-handed cuts in both hands to get finger dexterity up. You'll be glad you did!

  7. :( Maybe someday I'll be able to buy a nine pack of bikes :( From a shop in my area it's $13 NZD a pack ($9.50 USD) online it's $10 NZD per pack.
    Can't wait until I go to America someday!
  8. Why those specific youtube channels? What about them makes it good?
  9. The RussianGenius' channel teaches a lot of material that isn't his to teach. Watching his videos is supporting exposure.

    52Kards is better, but I'm still not terribly fond of them.

    Chris Ramsay has some good tutorials for flourishes and such on his channel. Dan & Dave are two of the biggest names in flourishing.

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