Help, all my cards are bending

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Spanker, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Hello.
    What's happening over her ?
    I got a lot of cards and all of these are bending.... Arcane, D&D, Normal Bees, Wynn....

    How can I have them back to normal ? Is this all humidity ? What can I do about that.

    I'm a bit worried, I've ordered a lot of decks and they all are fell awful. That cant be right
  2. Two words:

    Porper Clip.

    (Any kind of card clip would unbend them/keep them safe, but the Porper is the best in the business in terms of card-clips...)
  3. That's cool if I have 1 deck of playing cards to use. But I have like 10 diferent ones. I cant get 10 Porper Clips.

    I sure will buy one. For the cards I use in the moment.

    But it really sucks having this cards all "wet"
  4. I 100% totally agree with u as I am facing the same problem.
    In HK, here is WET!!! And my tally-ho, bicycle suffered from the humidity... they cant even fan...
    Personally, I bought a box that is desiccant and i tried not to use them too much while the humidity is high.
  5. It might not only be the humidity, but body heat does it all the time as well with sunlight. If you leave your cards in your pocket too long than the heat will cause them to bow. As said a porper clip should help with this. As well if you store your cards in view of a window it may bend them as well.
    I can remember a time I left my cards on the dashboard of a car at the beach and when I got back they were trashed. They were bent and the finish was wreaked. They were warm though, nice to work with ;)
    Hope this helped.
  6. All of this is helping :)
    I thought it was all me, something bad I was doing. I can just wait for the time to be fine again
  7. cold, dark closet with heavy object on top<3
  8. Line them all up in somewhere cold like a closet or a draw and put something heavy on them like a phone book then wait 10 hours then they should work.
  9. What I do is I get some of those silica gel packs that come with shoe boxes, and throw them into a box that I keep my cards in, then I place the box into my closet. Cards last a bit longer (a week more) for me. hope this helps!
  10. For a quick fix, faro the deck half face-up/half face-down, stick them in the case, or clip, and throw the deck in the fridge for an hour. The freezer also works, but a little condensation may form, I recommend the fridge.
  11. If humidity is going to be an ongoing problem, you might want to consider using Alladin cards - they were specifically designed by USPCC to deal with humidity issues.

    Overview from D&D's website:

  12. I doubt you will be using all the cards at once. I have the same problem with my posters and cards here down in Southern California. Usually you can wait it out and they'll return to normal if keep them in a box and let them sit. You might also want to pick up a card clip for the deck you will be using.

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