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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am new to the forums and this is my first post! I have been performing magic for a while. I am looking to go to the boardwalk and try some street magic. Does anyone have any trick recommendations for a beginner street magician? I am not the best at slight of hand and special moves. I would be looking for a trick that the gimmick does most of the work and I have to have good showmanship. I really appreciate any help given! I also posted this to Magic Cafe. I am looking for as much knowledge as possible. Thank you so much. I am really excited to explore the forums!
  2. Street magic has 2 main definitions. The older definition is also called busking. This is when you set up your act and perform it on the street corner for money. David Blaine came along and started calling the type of magic he performs Street magic. This is closer to walk around magic. Basically you walk up to random people performing close up magic. Which one do you want to start doing?
  3. I would prefer to do true street magic. (Walking up to people and doing a trick). Like I said, I really haven't mastered moves yet so the more self working the trick is the better.
  4. Do you like card magic? Or are you looking for magic with other objects?
  5. I don't mind either. I do know card magic uses a lot of sleight of hand moves and forces. It may be smarter to go with other objects and effects. I am up for whatever though.
  6. I don't personally know any self working card tricks that can be easily done without a table of some sort, but I recommend practicing and mastering some sleight of hand moves. I don't know any self working tricks with other objects either. Maybe look into some effects that involve gum?
  7. Thank you for your input! It doesn't need to be entirely self working of course but just not too difficult. I will be sure to look into gum!
  8. Glad I could help!
  9. I'm very much into prop magic. Namely Tenyo Magic.

    I think some good ones for you would be 'Security Lock', 'Ultimate Shocking Pen' and 'Cubio'. Fits in the pockets, can do them standing up; work some polished presentation in there and you have some knockouts.
  10. I think you should put some work into your sleight of hand personally, that said if you want something that's easy to do you have a few options.

    There are thousands of self working card tricks out there. Look up the Svengali deck. There are hundreds of compilations available too, there are classic books by Karl Fulves and John Scarne as well as a while bunch of dvds and downloads. Check out my download Almost Automatic or any of Big Blind Media Self Working Card Tricks.

    If you subscribe to Aaron Fisher's newsletter he has a few free lessons in card magic.

    Check out a book at your library, Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards is good.
  11. As far as magic with other stuff goes, you should check out Tenyo!
  12. Perhaps start with card College and tarbell first... With good patter and presentation, as well as a good unique character, even the simplest tricks (like those in Joshua Jay's book) can be a crowd shocker.

    Better to entertain than present gimmicks that look more like puzzles than magic.

    Gregory Wilson and Daniel Garcia has a ton of stuff on strolling magic. Learn the bill switch too... You could do like a hundred effects with just one technique. The TT is also a good prop, and is often neglected (start with Tarbell or Gary Darwin's stuff, or the WGM DVD which I prefer).

    Just my two cents, hope it helps!
  13. Thank you guys for all your input! I will be sure to check out each thing suggested closely. The books look interesting and tenyo tricks are great! Thank you for your time and let me know if there is anything else! :)
  14. Well as always I would recommend Coin Magic for that. In fact you don´t need to carry around your props, others can hand them to you. Before I did magic for cash I had to ride the bus and train quite often to different locations, nothing better to get somebodies attention than some clinking coins :). A basic routine for "flying eagles" would be nice to have in your repertoire. But really depends on what kind of tricks you want to perform.
    But don´t make the mistakes to carry thousands of different self working piecess of magic with you, I know many do, but it just crowds your pockets and if you forget one or two you will find yourself unable to perform if asked.

    Great thinking and wonderfull advise.

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