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  1. Hello everybody !

    So I've just bought a new deck of tally ho cards to begin cardistry but I find that the cards are very slippery. Could you give me some tips to avoid that because I've some difficulties to keep the cards together ?

    Also, as it's a new deck, my cards are stiff. So could you give me some tips to make them more supple please ?

  2. You should probably use an older deck. New decks are pretty hard to work with because they're really slippery.
  3. Yes a I know that but the problem is that the other deck I had was in very bad condition and so I've bought a new one, a Tally'Ho deck.
  4. To break in a new deck i dribble the cards one way 6 times, then the other way 6 times. you do that about three times.
  5. I would suggest that you work it in a bit. practice spreading and fans and doing different card routines that use sleights. That should give you a chance to get used to the feel and possibly give them a little more grip. As for making them supple, you can try springing the cards. That is how i usually break a new deck in.
  6. This is copied and pasted from Decknique. Credits to Shanku.
  7. a few faro,i don't like to spring the cards or to Le Paul spread because it bends the card to much
  8. S.G: I don't understand why is it usefull to replace the deck under heavy books for two hours. What happen to the deck ? I did it but a don't feel any difference.
    And all your tips are usefull to make the deck more supple and it really work, but what could I do to make it less slippery ?

    Thanks everybody for your advice :)
  9. Placing the deck under heavy books is to straighten out the cards if they are bent.

    To make the cards less slippery, just keep using them, it will slowly go away.
  10. Pressure ends up flattening the cards more. This is after doing lots of springs and stuff.
  11. Thanks =D !

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