Help - I can't fan cards... :(

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jimmah01, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. I hate to say this.. but I can't fan cards for the life of me.

    I want to learn yet I have no idea where to look. I've seen a couple of tutorials on youtube :rolleyes: and they didn't help (they could fan well though)

    I'm pretty sure the problem lies mainly in my left hand (gripping hand) but also in my right hand (spreading hand).

    The biggest problem is that my fans only go about maybe 120 degrees instead of the 180+ 'standard'.. I've tried a pressure fan as well (with arguably more control of the spread) and it just comes out in an oval shape instead of a semi-circle..

    The second problem is also in the spread; it kinda generally goes 'pile, spread, pile' which means that it's pretty much just white borders for the first third, the second third's alright and the final third is another sea of white borders.. so it's a consistency problem.

    I look at other people's fans and they all have varying grips and even spreads yet they all seem to get good results.

    What can I do?? It annoys me that I can't do it, I keep trying but they just don't work.


    Don't even get me started on something like a one handed fan :|
  2. How about getting XB? The Trilogy?
  3. Do you have Xtreme Beginnerz yet? There's a comprehensive fanning workshop with Jerry Cestkowski.
  4. If you own Royal Road to Card Magic, which every card magician should, then in the flourishes section they explain a decent fan in great detail. But fanning wont be perfect at first, it will take some practice to get a perfect pressure fan like other people have.
  5. Yeah I've got Trilogy but that doesn't really help.. there's the thumb fan video but that's useless because it doesn't explain anything.

    I've been really looking at getting XB, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I should probably look into it some more.

    Have you guys got any tips yourselves to give me?
  6. actually only like somewhat good people fan them 180 degrees, its more like 270 Degrees
  7. Get Xb. For get the rest. As for tips use a deck in good condition. Fanning powder helps alot, and you have to have the right grip. IT explains everything in Xb but I'll give you a quick summary of what they say for the grip. Basically make a gun with your fingers. Your thumb facing up, your index and middle pointing out and the others curled in. Place the bottom end of the deck on the index and place your thumb at the far right end corner. Now extend your ring and pinky out and your grip is ready. TO get a bigger fan just cock the deck. Xb explains it in more detail this was just a quick explanation.
  8. To help get a better spread, I use my wrist. When the spreading hand reaches the 90 degree point, I gently pull my wrist back so that the hand holding the cards pivots away from the spreading hand slightly.
  9. this might be a stupid question but are you using an old deck???

    when you play around with a deck alot the oil from your finger gets on the cards and causes it to stick together in a fan.

    it will be alot easier to do a fan with a new deck.

    some people say use fanning powder for the best fans but i really dont want to spend the money on it
  10. get some lions, those things fan like automatically it is amazing!
  11. e..

    practice.. that all you need. just pratice while watching TV or something and you will get it
  12. get a good deck, and make sure your holding hand is perfectly flat expect for the thumb, i think it is like a tiny spread on your hand
  13. i'm using a brand spanking new deck of circle back tallys. so it's got nothing to do with the deck; it's my technique.

    I'll look into getting XB.

    Thanks guys for your tips, if you've got more.. Keep 'em coming!

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