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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NathanMagic, May 13, 2018.

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  1. I purchased a trick from the marketplace but have no idea have to watch it. I looked under videos and it said no videos, I looked in order history and my purchase was there but no way to watch the video. I went back to the trick I bought and no download link or anything! Can someone help me please
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  2. Did you try looking in your email... Try that if not get a hold of support!!
  3. Ok thanks
  4. Actually no it was not!
    It took me to my page that says no videos!
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  5. A email was there but it didnt get me the video
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  6. Try getting a hold of support!!
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  7. Yeah I did. It stinks this didn't happen a hour ago, cause customer service is not open!
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  8. Is it a magical emergency?.... Check yourself into the ER. They will fix it .... J/K don't do that.:D
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  9. Great advice! :)
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  10. Any update? If not I’ll ask the Lowe’s that be myself as support may be closed till the next day.
  11. Also from what I remember the effects are downloaded to your computer so maybe check your downloads folder too?
  12. Sorry for t he late reply. I'm checking it now, but as far as I know nothing has changed.
  13. Its not in my downloads either so I think theory11 messed up. Hopefully I get my purchase!
  14. Oh and the download I got was Doctored by Tom Farrel
  15. Yeah I have not gotten it.
  16. Problem solved! I needed to sign out and sign back in
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  17. Sign out and sign back in is the equivalent of unplugging... waiting 30 seconds and plugging back in lol
    Glad it worked for you!
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