Help, I'm just starting out.

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Gerbear23, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. how did everyone get good at flourishes. as a flourish noob i was wondering what are some good starting flourishes ??
  2. sybil. go youtube it.
  3. Hey there Gerbear23. Glad to see a new flourisher. I recommend Xtreme Beginnerz. It has a lot of basic flourishes.
  4. youtube has some good flourishes if you get them from the right people. i know Keven Ho has some good tutorials
  5. I would recommend learning the "Search Bar" cut, alot of beginners find it a good first cut to learn.
  6. ok so i know sybil i know some basic false cuts. im working on akira. i was wonding how hard is the molocule2 cut by dan and dave ??
  7. I suggest you learn the tg murphy deck flip before learning molecule two.
  8. i know it i own the trilogy but it doesnt have the molocule 2
  9. Seriously, I suggest getting something easier than the Trilogy.

    Book-wise, there is nothing better than "Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes." I've said that so many times in the past that it's becoming rote now.

    If you want a DVD, get XB. It's basically the Encyclopedia in DVD format (although that, too, comes in a DVD set.) Then work your way up to the complexities in the Trilogy.

    Don't forget to practice SLOWLY, however much your brain screams at you to do otherwise.
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    Oh god just listen to the guide I gave you. The link is in my other post.
  11. How do you listen to a link? :D
  12. Damn I made a huge error. I'll go edit it.
  13. He's right - starting with something as difficult as the Trilogy actually makes it harder to flourish smoothly and quickly, it hinders improvement. I know - I made this mistake, though not with the Trilogy. Because of that I spent about 9 months on something that should've taken me 1 or 2.
  14. Dude the search bar cut is underground. You have to EARN the right to learn it. a n00b can't simply youtube it.
  15. Haha, yea, i had to practice A LOT to learn the Search Bar concept. Andi gotta say, its quite worth it.
  16. ok but heres the thing i can do most of the things on the trilogy. like i dont have problems learing stuff on the tricks and everything eles. but the flourish dvd, hard man. idont know if thats weird or what but ive been doing magic since i was about 6 or 7 but i just started flouishes like this year.
  17. Magic is completly different than flourishing. Get xtreme begginerz. It may teach you things you may not know. Then the encyclopedia. After that with s little practice everything will come to you soon.
  18. Beginer stuff is the talk of myth. People can start wherever they want really. Sure it may take them longer to nail the move but dont you think they are learning so much when practising it? Also with easy moves (lol i say easy) you may get em quick but it could get you thinking and you might wonder why it flips "that way" and not the other.

    So the advice from the monkey would be to find some flourishes you REALLy like and think look just so class. and get the material to learn them.

    Also bear in mind alot of people will learn flourishes as a "dicipline" almost and feel there is a sacred "path" to be taken. RUBBISH. I pick stuff i like and will perform and practise.

    Some moves that caught my eye at first are "Squeeze" by daren.
    "sybil",and the one handed revolution. From there you can go ANYwhere. craft your style with YOUR choice of moves.

    Hope this helped a bit.


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