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  1. The following is a video of Greg Wilson during the explanation video for "Revolution". It's only 7 seconds long and nothing based on his effect is revealed, but he does a move and says how he has no idea what it's called, which sucks because I want to learn it. Any help is hugely appreciated!

  2. The magician he is referencing is Gerald Kosky -

    I'm guessing that the move is the Three Card Catch which he published in Karl Fulves Epilogue #17 which was based on Reinhard Müller's Three Card Catch that was published in Epilogue #14. The move also has been published in Harry Lorraine's Trendsetters (p.20), Harry Lorraine's Best of Friends (p.314) and as the Three Card Throw in Darwin Oritz's Scams and Fantasies (p.94). I don't have those books so I can't verify the move -- maybe someone else has those books and can look.
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  3. It's a derivation of this move The Martin Lewis Spinner . I have seen a lot of videos where people spin it from all sorts of angles. Although I think the two biggies that all card magicians should know are The Martin Lewis Spinner and the Audley Walsh Spinner which can be found in the Tarbell Course.
  4. Gabriel; That's a completely different grip from the one used in the video. I use the long distance spinner all of the time, but your grip on the deck has to be significantly altered, as opposed to a Lennart Green top shot or the aerial move used in the video I originally posted.

    RealityOne; Thanks for the thorough description, but the 3 card catch seems to be more of a revelation move where you have 2 face up cards on either end of the deck, throw the whole deck from one hand to the other, and are left with 3 cards in the hand they were thrown from (being the 2 original face up cards and their selected card face down in the middle).

    I did not know he was saying Gerald Kosky until now, but the 3 card catch is unfortunately not the one I'm looking for. Thank you both for your help, but any additional input leading to the exact move is appreciated.
  5. I don't know this specific move but you could look into Top Shot by Lennart Green or Cyclone By Chris Ramsay which look similar and accomplish about the same thing.
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  6. So this is what the Behr Archive has on Gerald Kosky

    The best Table of Contents for his book, The Magic of Gerald Kosky, that I could find is here:

    If you want to buy the book (with no assurance the move is in there), it is listed here:

    and here:

    My suggestion is to post your question in the Worker's section of the Magic Cafe.
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  7. Chris Ramsay is very cool.

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