Help me. Please with Tarantula 2

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  1. I just got tarantula 2 and im not sure if i need to buy the thread and wax or if if was sposed to come with it and I did not get it. Please help me i need to get it by next week because I have a preformence next week and I would love to do it
  2. This is just my opinion but don't put magic you haven't been working with for a while in a performance. I've learned the hard way, it's just not a wise thing to do, especially working with IT.

    The thread and wax was supposed to come with T2. Is there not a ball of wax at the slit of the gimmick? Also, the thread should be just below the button on the gimmick. PM me a picture if you can.
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  3. Maybe watch the vid that can be unlocked with the gimmick? The unlock code comes with the device.
  4. Thank you both I found my string it fell out when i dropped it and the wax was hidden in plain
  5. I cannot +1 this enough

    If you have no exp w IT. Don’t try to play w t until you’ve practiced.
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  6. I bought the Tarantula 2 about a month ago and I strongly recommend buying some extra thread and wax. Your thread WILL break while practicing and by rethreading it, your wax will become full of filament and lose some of it's concealability and stickiness.
  7. An unfortunate fault of the previous incarnation also
  8. Same with Spider Pen Pro as well as several other IT. Not sure about Venom since I haven't bought it yet but I hear it's supposed to be quite durable.
  9. Thsnk you I have done this
  10. The thread on the venom is more durable... but also much more visible.
  11. The “Soul Tech” the T2 boasts is - from what I’ve read - the same as the SPP = constant tensioning system.

    This has a few drawbacks as far as I’m concerned compared to the switch in T1.

    Also - the battery is fixed but although rechargeable - means the battery will degrade through constant powering faster and because its fixed hurts the device more.

    Disc batteries cost minimal so replacing w a new battery is no big deal so I think this new feature is a negative also

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