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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by William Draven, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Hey gang,

    I almost feel like a heel for posting a thread like this, but if I can't count on the support of my fellow magic community at a time like this then there's really no point in being here.

    I need your help. Every single one of you. I'll explain; I'm up for consideration for a new television talent competition focused just on magic/magicians. Think like America's Got Talent, but done right this time. So far as magicians are concerned at the very least. My problem is I'm an unknown, and the producers would like to see if there is enough interest in my character before they move me on to auditions. All you have to do is go to the casting site, and click "Vote for Me" next to my head shot and name. That normally isn't anything I'd be concerned with but I'm trying to go up against names like Murray (America's Got Talent), Morgan Strebler, and Puck... and I'm sure this is just the beginning.

    The good news is you can vote for me once per day, so if you really love me, book mark the page and toss me a vote tomorrow too!

    So please, it takes two minutes to go to this link, and click Vote for me! Hopefully, I'll get to audition, and then make it onto the show itself!

    Here's the link:

    Thanks in advance for your support.

    William Draven
  2. I voted for you William I will do it off my phone as well.
  3. Cool. I voted. Ill vote again every day I remember. Best of luck.
  4. I just voted for you, good luck bro.
  5. Voted! Best of luck!
  6. Voted for you. Best of Luck!
  7. I've voted on 2 computers now :)
  8. You have always given me good advice and helpful criticism. I voted to thank you for your dedication to t11 and magic.
  9. I voted :) Good luck man
  10. You've got my vote, good luck bro!
  11. Quite proud my second day vote put you at 306 over morgan's 305!
  12. Was that your vote that did that? Thanks! I've been keeping a close eye on this, because lets face it Morgan is a powerhouse of a magician. This thing is far from over but I'm having so much fun going toe to toe with these votes!
  13. Voted. Good you see that you've sprung up there and I will be rooting for you. Hopefully you get on the show!!
  14. I voted!
    good luck!
  15. voted 4 you will! but i think its cool murray is going up against people i loved his performances on americas got talent!
  16. Wow joe really jumped ahead over night.
  17. yeah... I'm not sure how he's doing it either. He got over 150 votes in under 10 minutes, and he's not promoting on any social media that I know of.
  18. Will,

    I vote for each and every person every day.....i'm at the bottom and i must add, you are handling your own there my dude. i'm surprised of all the support you're getting but hey, thats freaking kool my dude...
  19. I voted for you, and I shall keep on doing as much as I can.
  20. Oh no Draven's falling in popularity! Keep voting guys!

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