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  1. I am looking to spice up my routine! I have been performing the same few tricks that I have mastered for what feels like forever and I am having a hard time finding anything that just truly blows me away. I personally really enjoy production and transportation magic tricks the best and was wondering if anyone know just the most top notch magic tricks ever!?!?! Plus I find it better if left clean, allowing the spectator to have endless examination if possible. If not life lives on. LOL
  2. Well, what do you do at the moment and what do you have in mind? I've been using sponge-rabbits for more than 30 years and i still do. A bit of coin-work goes a long way and a good torn and restored card can make your reputation. A few good, short card-tricks and perhaps a chop-cup, whatever you like. Hopping halves make you end clean, so do sponge-balls or rabbits. Counterfeit from Wayne Houchin ends up clean and leaves the audience with an impossible card and so does Tornimation from Menny Lindenfeld.

    This is a set i did last night and will do again in a few hours in my local pub;

    1: Production of rabbits from gozinta-box. Put boxes in pocket and do rabbit-trick, end clean.
    2: Take Quiver-wallet and do HH, switch in S&S, make coins disappear from Quiver and show up in different pockets, end clean.
    3: Two or three card-tricks, ending with T&R or Tornimation so i can leave them with something impossible, end clean.
    Total time about 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer with 'just a cup' from Axel Hecklau if the crowd is right.
    It all depends on your situation and the kind of audience you have so i can't give you a straight answer i'm afraid.
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