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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Sergey, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. As my title states, I am having trouble with the 1on1 section. I can't see the previews. I click on the little icon, and I can only hear them, and not see them, which is kinda useless. Does anyone have the same problem and no the way to fixing it?
  2. I have the same problem. Is the play button for you like all in the right corner?
  3. It's very strange -- they work fine on my computer, but some have been reporting issues with it. It's being looked into -- not sure, but it might be a glitch.

    This may work -- let me know, if it does -- but if you click on the title of the preview video, and then click on "Open in New Window," it may help.

    P.S. If it does not work, just say it does so I can feel special. Just kidding...

  4. Nah that doesn't work. It's weird. It worked perfecltey fine for me before. I remember this happening to the original kenner 1 on 1s, but I guess they fixed it.
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    That's weird because I just tried the 1-on-1 preview videos on a friend's laptop with Internet Explorer -- Firefox worked fine. But, with IE, the play button was in the top-left corner of the preview screen, and there was only sound.

    However, after right clicking on the title of the preview video, and pressing "Open in New Window," the button was back in the middle -- in the new window -- and thereafter they worked fine.

    Maybe it's haunted...

  6. Just did that, and the play button entered the middle of the screen, but only sound played. This is very annoying!
  7. creeper, I guess me and you have the same problem, and I also tried clicking new window, and that didn't help me either, weird
  8. I tried it with IE safari and Firefox and it works fine ;)
  9. Well what abou those of us who don't have firefox or safari. i'm not going to download something when I don't need to.
  10. I always have this problem and it gets very annoying. I usually just mess around with it for awhile and I get it to work.
  11. When I'm on my computer at my Dad's house, I have to use Internet Explorer (I use Firefox here), and I have that same problem. Very annoying, but I can't really help it.
  12. I just went on it, and it worked, yay, but it's still not good if it works one time and doesn't workk another time

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