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    I was playing around with this, and I'm wondering if it's been done before.

    Anyone seen it before or know any sources for it?

    (The ditch that is, not the retention or the production.)
  2. Being so early, I do not know off the top of my head WHO to credit, but yes, this has been done before. I have seen it done with coins, folded up cards and sponge balls. Jeff McBride uses it for his street magic sponge routine. Shoot him an email and see where he can point ya.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Yes. This vanish has been used numerous time throughout magic and is located in a few sources.
  4. prly frank garcia or something. but dont quote me .
  5. Hey guys,

    For anyone looking to do professional research (if your planning on releasing a book, PDF, DVD, etc..) or just want to know your material, I highly recommend contacting Conjuring Arts and getting yourself a subscription to their Ask Alexander database.

    You can check the levels out @

    Personally, I have the Erdnsae Level access, and its UNBELIEVABLE. Not to mention all the free research that they toss in when you purchase through them.

    I have personally been working closely with the Conjuring Arts for about 5 months now, and they are staffed with an amazing crew running things.

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