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  1. Hey guys, need some help with a slight issue I have with my CAAN.

    At one point, I need card to be placed into a specific position in the deck, say on 14th position, without the spectator knowing I have done so. What sleights do you guys utilise to place cards into specific positions. I thought of using spread pass but the idea of slowing down to count say 13 cards from the back just to have them brought back to the top seems slow and ineffective. Any ideas of sleight of hand I could use? No need to reveal everything, just name it and I will research it in some texts that I have.
  2. i suggest reading Asi Wind's Chapter one, you will find a good ACAAN routine there and also you will get the sleights you need to perform the far thats the only thing i can think of
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  3. I use a tilt or bluff pass often enough. I'll usually count as I spread to have a card selected
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  4. Thanks guys for replies.

    I use tilt at one point during the trick but the problem is I am usually placing it at a specific place which would require tilting more than 2 cards which I think starts to look unnatural. In terms of bluff pass I tend to do that too. I am maybe looking for a third way which I can utilise so I can mix it up a little.

    I like Asi's ACAAN, but quite frankly I prefer mine, as his is very very very advanced for me. (Been doing card magic for only one year so I am still learning a LOT)
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  5. I've only been doing card magic for 3 months,and yeah I can confirm that Asi's ACAAN is really an advanced trick for us,i havent performed it yet because i haven't mastered it but im pretty sure I can pull it off one time
  6. I would suggest having either a Svengali card or a crimped card at every ten cards or so you can accurately cut to a place in the deck form there you can just secretly count off cards and do so
    Sort of revere side steal.

    The acaan I do is just have someone pick a card control it to the top and second deal to any number they want.
  7. I use a Short Corner or Crimp Card to accurately cut to specific positions in the deck. As a matter of fact, go check out "SPELL CHECK" here in the Marketplace. It is free and I teach the method there. I'll link it below :)

    PS It is one of y first videos I released here so don't judge me haha
  8. You can use a pinky count combined with a cover pass. Even though I always prefer to control it to the bottom and do bottom deals from then on.
  9. You can use Jay Sankeys method for ACAAN which is to simply let them point to a card. Then use the topper move from Daniel Garcia to take the top card instead. If you want to see it in video just look up Jay Sankeys channel he explains it better there.

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