Help with the tenkai palm ... ?

Jul 13, 2009
Edmonton, Canada
So whenever i have to palm a card i use the tenkai palm, palming the card in my left hand because i feel more comfortable and i think it looks really clean and natural too. But my question is how can i put the card back on top/bottom of the deck when doing the tenkai palm without them seeing the card ?
Nov 3, 2009
find a reason to transfer the packet from the right to the left and as you turn the deck over to meet the hand, in this case to show the bottom card, for whatever reason, square the deck.

not a great suggestion, but the only other one i could think of was just said :p
Aug 18, 2008
Bring the deck to the card in your hand, not the other way around. When they come in contact, simply square everything and it will look natural and the angles will be exactly the same as for the palm itself.
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